A dance archive for Berlin

Since autumn 2020, the steering committee TanzArchiv Berlin, which emerged from the Round Table Dance Berlin, has been working together with dance professionals and institutions to develop a living archive for dance in Berlin. This website offers an insight into the conception and pilot phase for the emerging Tanzarchiv Berlin.

Teaser in German Sign Language

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Archive Accomplices

The picture is divided into many small rectangular pictures with portrait photos of different people.

A living dance archive for Berlin can only be realized if as many different actors as possible can have their say and can enter into an exchange. The network of archive accomplices presented here is made up of artists, academics, dance and cultural practitioners, groups, venues and institutions.


A black female person stands with her back turned to the camera in the center of the black-and-white image, pointing into the distance with her right arm outstretched. She is wearing a black sleeveless top and a fine link necklace.

What could a lively and accessible dance archive for Berlin look like? In order to develop the vision of the TanzArchiv Berlin together with the archive accomplices, numerous projects, investigations and productions were initiated. An overview can be found here.

Thinking Space

The picture shows a light-colored floor covered with several circular mirror plates. A striped shadow pattern is reflected in it.

The Thinking Space (Denkraum) is an open and multi-perspective virtual space for negotiating and discussing the concept of the archive and archival practice in and for dance. Artistic, dance-related, academic and contemporary contributions that deal with dance and the archive are gathered here on an ongoing basis.