On the way to a dance archive for Berlin

What could a lively and accessible dance archive for Berlin look like? In order to develop the vision of the TanzArchiv Berlin together with the archive accomplices, numerous projects, investigations and productions were initiated. An open survey and a targeted analysis of the present circumstances with selected individual artists, ensembles and institutions were conducted. Following this, various workshops, network meetings with actors from the Berlin dance scene, collaborations, artistic research projects and productions as well as a symposium took place.

A wide range of artistic and dance archiving methods and strategies for passing on knowledge in dance emerged: new stories are being written, gaps in the current history are being highlighted and the relationship between dance and the archive is being questioned anew.

Archive Accomplices – Dance archives in motion

The project Archive Accomplices – Dance archives in motion (Archivkompliz*innen – Tanzarchive in Bewegung) took place in 2022 and formed the framework for four artistic pilot projects that were to be groundbreaking for the self-image of the Tanzarchiv Berlin.

PODCAST Zeitsprünge – ein Tanzarchiv für Berlin

The podcast Zeitsprünge – ein Tanzarchiv für Berlin accompanies the Tanzarchive in Bewegung project and allows both the TanzΔrchiv Berlin steering group and various players in the Berlin dance scene to have their say.

Dance research

Through an open call, the 2021 steering committee invited ten artists to develop their perspectives on the archiving of and in dance.

Digital Dance Archive

In January 2021, the Tanzarchiv Berlin steering committee invited representatives from two pioneering projects in the field of dance/archive/digitization to lead an interactive workshop.

Inventory Analysis

An initial measure of the TanzArchiv Berlin steering committee was a qualitative survey of 34 selected institutions and dance artists in order to identify collections, determine needs and collect ideas for the newly founded TanzArchiv Berlin.

Collective brainstorming

As part of the online artists survey Collective Brainstorming, an open-ended qualitative questionnaire was sent out via various digital channels addressed to the Berlin artist community.