Thinking Space

The thinking space (Denkraum) is an open and multi-perspective virtual space for negotiating and discussing the concept of the archive and archival practice in and for dance. Artistic, dance-related, academic and contemporary contributions that deal with dance and the archive from personal, discursive and sometimes contradictory perspectives are gathered here on an ongoing basis. How can dance, as an ephemeral and body-based art form, actually be archived? How does theory and artistic practice interact in the archive? How can an archive be set up so it is accessible and lively? How can conventional archival practices be disrupted and how to question the authority of the archive? And which stories have been told, which have not?

Narrating dance

by Isabel Raabe // Curator and cultural producer Isabel Raabe reports on the dance section of the pioneering project RomArchive – Digital Archive of the Roma, and wonders whether dance as a body-based and ephemeral art form can be archived at all.