The picture shows a bright room with high ceilings. Shelves can be seen on the left and right edges of the picture, a large conference table in the middle, two pillars and a window in the background from which light falls in.
Photo Henrike Hannemann

Media Library for Dance and Theatre

The Media Library for Dance and Theatre is a centre for artistic and scientific research and discussion for those involved in the performing arts. With currently around 12,000 videos and supplementary materials, the Media Library for Dance and Theatre is one of themost extensive publicly accessible audiovisual documentation centres for the performing arts in Germany. It documents developments in contemporary dance, theatre and performative production formats. The ITI’s Media Studio also continuously carries out the documentation of dance and theatre productions on film itself, which can be viewed in the Media Library. The digitisation and preservation of the audiovisual as well as supplementary documents are also an important field of work in this area. Examining the documentation in the Media Library critically and in terms of content together with artists and researchers is also an important concern. Profound insights into artistic and cultural developments in the performing arts are provided in detailed descriptions and thematically organised visual materials. The Media Library in Berlin’s Kunstquartier Bethanien can be used free of charge. The Media Library is also a site for discussion on artistic, cultural-political and technological developments in dance and theatre, and thus an intersection of archival, theoretical and theatre practice.