A person is lying upside down on steps made of gray concrete. The person is wearing a white long-sleeved top, short black trousers, black shoes and black stockings. The person's head is not visible.
Foto Ben Wittner

Tanzfabrik Berlin

For 45 years, dancers, choreographers, theorists and producers have been working at Tanzfabrik Berlin on topics of contemporary dance. As a production and performance venue as well as a school for contemporary dance, Tanzfabrik Berlin is recognised nationally and internationally in the dance and performance scene and beyond. In the studios, there is continuous production, rehearsal, performance, discursive work, artistic research and communication with the public. The central focus is the productive, creative and researching examination of the human body and its role in contemporary societies. As an independent institution, Tanzfabrik curates and organises its diverse activities, including annual programme series and Tanznacht Berlin, which has been organised by Tanzfabrik Berlin since 2000 with changing curators. Tanzfabrik cooperates with numerous other partners on a Berlin and international level. Since 2005 Tanzfabrik has been an international partner institution in the European network apap – advancing performing arts projects.