The picture shows the rear exterior facade of the Radialsystem building. In the upper part of the picture is the sky, blue with some white clouds, in the lower part of the picture is the Spree.
Photo Phil Dera


Radialsystem is an institutional anchor of Berlin’s independent arts scene: as a venue for contemporary performance art, this establishment develops, investigates and presents new forms of artistic expression, particularly in the areas of choreography, music theater and concerts, thereby unleashing international momentum. As a space dedicated to the arts and collaboration, Radialsystem brings different cultural traditions and forms of knowledge into dialogue with one another. We want to know what 21st-century music sounds like and adopt a global perspective to question categorisations such as “classical” or “contemporary”. Through the encounter between music and other arts, we search for forms of expression beyond the classical concert or opera. As part of the vibrant Berlin dance scene, we create space and visibility for local and international artists alike.