Crossroads – TanzTangente

A video installation and an evening of dance with several choreographic works on the history of TanzTangente, which has existed since 1981.

In 2022, TanzTangente was one of four dance institutions in Berlin that was selected for the pilot project Archivkompliz*innen – Tanzarchive in Bewegung. The project focused on both the history of contemporary dance in Berlin and the question of how dance can be archived. TanzTangente was founded in 1981, making it one of the first dance schools for contemporary dance in Berlin after World War II. For the Archivkompliz*innen project, we immersed ourselves in the history of TanzTangente, spoke to witnesses of contemporary dance, dug up stories, made them visible and brought them in motion. The outcomes of our archival explorations were brought to the stageand exhibited across the TanzTangente building on November 4 and 5, 2022 at the closing event “crossroads”.

memories – a video installation on the diverse dance history of TanzTangente from 1981 -2022 and the performance Arne archiviert

crossroads – an evening of dance with four works by different generations of dancers who are all connected to TanzTangente in one way or another

storytelling café  – in which dancers and long-standing TanzTangente students talk to interested parties about their history with TanzTangente and a Q & A on the Archive Accomplices project with Lina Höhne & Agnes Kern.

Included in the program were works by Jona Bo Schlotbohm, Lea Dietrich &Johanna Jörns, Camilla Przystawski and Nadja Raszewski as well as a performance by Sunia Asbach aka ARNE

Two women are sitting on chairs and looking in the same direction. They are both wearing gray-brown pants, each with a splint on the knee, one is wearing a red shirt, the other a yellow one. Black molleton curtain in the background.
(c) Mayra Wallraff
The picture shows a person in dance-like movement, barefoot, wearing black trousers and a colorful floral shirt. The gaze is lowered towards the ground, the right arm stretches into the air. Black background.
(c) Mayra Wallraff
Two bodies are placed on a brown wooden table. On the right, a woman dressed in black with her stomach on the table, her arms and legs stretched upwards; on the left, a person with only her feet and legs visible. Black background.
(c) Mayra Wallraff
Four people in dance-like movement, all barefoot and dressed in black trousers and a colored top. Two spotlights can be seen at the top of the picture, the floor is a black dance floor, in the background a black molleton curtain.
(c) Mayra Wallraff
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