A talk between Pol Pi and Martin Nachbar

Martin Nachbar and Pol Pi discuss their collaboration on Dore Hoyer’s dance cycle “Afectos Humanos“ (1962) and the archival practice of passing on dance through generations. Martin Nachbar himself learned Hoyer’s cycle from Waltraud Luley, who managed Hoyer’s choreographic legacy and was responsible for passing it on to the next generation of dancers. Nachbar thus became another ‘guardian’ and mediator of her dance legacy, which he in turn passed on to Pol Pi. In addition to insights into their working process, the two dancers and choreographers share their thoughts on archival work as ‘relationship work’, on reconstruction as an ongoing search and on the question: ‘how to find my dance in someone else’s dance?’

The conversation took place in English, subtitles available in English.

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