Archivkompliz*innen x Radialsystem

A conversation about archival practice, ghosts of memory and the Western canon with Alex Hennig and Ismail Fayed.

As part of the cooperation project “Encounters meets Archivkompliz*innen -Tanzarchive in Bewegung” of Radialsystem and Tanzarchiv Berlin, dramaturg Alex Hennig (Frankfurt, DE) led a conversation with curator and dramaturg Ismail Fayed (Cairo, EG) on the practice of archiving and the institution of the archive.

This dialogical interview is a critical exchange from an international and intersectional perspective on examples of archival practice and the critique of colonialist-influenced systems of power inherent in the concept of the archive in the Western world.

The conversation is part of the publication “Encounters -Embodied Practices” by Radialsystem Berlin, Archive Books 2023.

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