The durational performance installation mut by choreographer jee chan and visual artist stefan pente deals with the porosity and changeability of collective memories.

It premiered at Tanzfabrik Berlin, the project’s cooperation partner, on November 19, 2022 as part of  Archivkompliz*innen – Tanzarchive in Bewegung.

The starting point for chan and pente’s work mut was conversations with Evelina Pente on various elements of jee chan’s work Harbor, of which she had experienced the work-in-progress version in the fall of 2021. While watching footage of jee’s grandmother talking about her memories, Evelina Pente was reminded of images and episodes from her own past and could recontextualize them. In mut, Evelina shares with us stories of her escape from the war as a young child, and these are in turn transferred to our own imaginations, refracted through the lens of our own experiences.

Fragmentary and dissonant, these landscapes of memory take shapelike composite maps mapping meandering topographies of life and death in a pointless world. mut finds its form in an installative space in which the fluid and cyclical nature of memory is manifested.

A person with black hair sits on the floor and looks into the camera; in front of her is a plastic bucket with fruit pits, with many geometrically arranged fruit pits scattered on the floor. The outline of another person can be seen in the background, also sitting on the floor with her back to the camera. The floor is white, the wall in the background is also white. A hula hoop can be seen leaning against the wall on the left edge of the picture.
(c) Mayra Wallraff
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