A talk between Pol Pi and Martin Nachbar

Martin Nachbar and Pol Pi discuss their collaboration on Dore Hoyer’s dance cycle “Afectos Humanos“ (1962) and the archival practice of passing on dance through generations.

Dusty Stories and Subcultural Memory

by Olympia Bukkakis // Based on personal memories, performance artist and choreographer Olympia Bukkakis writes about stories of the past and subcultural memory.

Narrating dance

by Isabel Raabe // Curator and cultural producer Isabel Raabe reports on the dance section of the pioneering project RomArchive – Digital Archive of the Roma, and wonders whether dance as a body-based and ephemeral art form can be archived at all.

Re-Visions: Body archives and archival bodies in motion

by Julia Wehren // How can bodies be thought of as archives? Dance scholar Julia Wehren writes about embodied knowledge and about the archive as a figure of thought in which bodies are read in terms of their ‘deposits’.